What is Carditone

What is Carditone?
Carditone is a supplement that helps to promote healthy blood pressure. Carditone comes from the company Ayush Herbs. Ayush Herbs has a wonderful reputation of providing high quality herbs that are processed very well. Carditone contains Rauwolfia Serpentina which has been used in pass time to treat blood pressure. It is just one of the ingredients and has been blended with other ingredients to create the right balance. Other ingredients are Rose Powder and Magnesium. Carditone works very well so it should be used under the direction of a doctor. It exerts low blood pressure by the depletion of Norepinephrine (Norepinephrine is similar to adrenaline) It also carries out the diuretic function without depleting potassium. I spoke with the company that makes Carditone Ayush Herbs. In a 5 min free consulation they explained the product and how it works. Also they explain how to take it.
How Carditone works for me. After a three year struggle looking for natural remedies, I finally found a Natural treatment for my High Blood Pressure. I found the natural herb called Carditone. It not only lowered my blood pressure, but with one pill twice day it has sustain my lowered blood pressure.
Some only need one pill a day of Carditone. In this Blog you will find all of my blog post that explain how I transformed from Norvasc to Carditone. I am not a doctor or any type of health care professional. This blog is about my own personal journey to help my blood pressure. Any decisions about treatment for blood pressure has to be made by each individuals personal choice. Some other herbs I tried where Triphala and Nattokinase. They haved helped me also, but nothing sustains my blood pressure quite like Carditone.
Carditone - Side effects. One of the ingredients in Carditone is Rawalfia Serpentine. This one herb in it's pure form has said to be linked with depression, diarrhea, nasal congestion, however the makers of Carditone have said that they have blended it with rose powder, and other herbs to give the right dosage of Rawalfia Serpentine to avoid these side effects. I think it best if one is concern to call Ayush Herbs the maker of Carditone just to be sure. You can read the reviews on Amazon to see how it has affected others. It's also always best to check with your doctor. For easy to read information on exactly what is High Blood Pressure, in addition information on three types of medications use to treat please go to link below.

Sample Amazon Reviews

cardiotone sucess, March 20, 2009
Marty "riverside" (Edgewater, Florida) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Ayush Herbs - Carditone 60t (Health and Beauty)
Pressure 155/95, pulse off the scale @ 105.
Tried juicing celery, beets, carrots, wheatgrass). No sodium diet, blood pressure medicine, bycicling, walking, you name it.
After 2 weeks of Cardiotone, pressure down to 137/77 pulse at 72. I even sleep better. No bad side effects.
Check into the pros and cons of the ingredients (specially Rauwolfia)and make your own decision.
Good luck.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for high blood pressure, October 2, 2008
My blood pressure was very high (at doctors's visits - top number in the 190's). Diuretics helped lower it a bit but the best reading I could get on this for a top number was in the high 130's - which I considered to be good. After two years of this my GP wanted to try me on calcium channel blockers as well as the diuretics I was already on. I went to an alternative doctor who told me to take one pill twice a day along with my diuretics. My blood pressure went down substantially over the weekend and I went off the diuretics. Am now on one
Carditone a day - and have been for four years now - and that is all I take - and my BP is consistently 120/80 and lower! This is such an excellent product I'm surprised more people don't know about it. Hope this will help someone else.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Web md gave some very interesting comments on the effects of Vitamin d and high blood pressure.

Fasting for High Blood Presure

Many people wonder is fasting good for high blood pressure?

Check out this web site /http://anormaljoesmojumpintomacrobiotics.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 15, 2013

Relaxation Drinks for High Blood Pressure

The next thing out there are relaxation drinks to treat high blood pressure.  I will be reviewing them for myself please post any comments you would like to.

Check out my new blog

I will be starting a new blog that will be reviewing relaxation drinks for stress and whether they work to lower high blood pressure.  relaxationdrinksforhighbloodpressure.blogspot.com

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nasal Congestion

In some people Carditone causes nasal congestion. Because I have allergy's and this is allergy season for me. I have experience this  nasal congestion. I have stoped carditone for now and notice that the congestion went away. There have been other times when I have taken carditone and been ok. Everyone system is different but if you have nasal congestion it is something to be mindful of. Some High blood pressure medicines also have a side effect of nasal congestion.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raspberry Ketones Dr. Oz.

It is very important to buy good quality vitamins and herbs.
When doing a search of what to buy taking time to read the reviews are very important.
The odds are if it worked for many people it may work for you.

However, not every supplement will work for every person.  Body chemistry can be a factor.

Never get discouraged for better health.  Always keep trying. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amazon gives reviews on raspberry ketones.  It is amazing to see how many reviews there are and how so many people say they really work.

Please check the link below.

Dr. Oz and Raspberry Ketones and High Blood Pressure

Raspberry Ketones are said to promote weight loss.   However, some reviews suggest that they also may not be good for use with people who have heart disease or high blood pressure.  

Why is this the case?

Note this quote "Dr. Sarah G. Kahn says ketones work by regulating the body’s release of norepinephrine, which causes a body-temperature spike and increase in metabolism. However, she cautions, it might not be safe for people with certain health conditions."  This spike can also elevate blood pressure. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract as Seen on Dr. Oz

This was recently featured on Dr. Oz Show and has been shown to reduce weight.  I love to read reviews of products especially on amazon.  Interestingly enough I have found  on amazon the reviews are mixed about the results of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract.  However, the reviews that are positive really state that it works.   You can read the reviews and purchase the brand that was feature on the show by pressing the link in this post.  Another benefit to Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is that the reviews say it has also lowered blood pressure.

Dr. Oz show recommended 800 mg of the extract twice a day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

How many times should I test my blood pressure?

Many people wonder how often should I test my blood pressure?

According to one report it suggested once a day.  The report said that once a day at the same time each day.

However there seems to be no rule.  One  Doctor suggested once a week.

Blood pressure can change from minute to minute.  But whatever a person chooses the purpose should be to

get a clear view of what there blood pressure actually is. This is necessary to maintain your health and avoid

a stroke or heart attack.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dr. Oz Rose Hips

Recently on the Doctor Oz show he did recommended Rose Hips in  treatment of high blood pressure.
The brand I use which does very well for me is Solgar Vitamin C 1500 mg. with rose hips.
This is gluten, wheat and dairy free.  It is a pretty high potency supplement. 1500 mg of vitamin c and 30 mg 
rose hips(fruit).  Wegmans natural food section carries it.

I have found that it can reduce blood pressure levels for me thereby promoting blood pressure control.
The side benefits to using vitamin c is that vitamin c also helps to boost the immune system which has 
multiple health benefits.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Does Rose Hip Help High Blood Pressure?

Yes you have heard it before rose hip is excellent in treating high blood pressure.  The question is how does this work.

Many blood pressure patients take diuretics.  Rose Hip works as a natural diuretic.  Diuretics get rid of the excess fluid in the body thereby lowering the blood pressure.  The extra benefit of Rose Hip is that is can increase nitric oxide and bioflavonoids in the body.

Bioflavonoids protect blood vessels, but also nitric oxide helps promote the relaxation of the blood vessels.

We know that both of these are excellent for high blood pressure. The Benefits occur over time when taking Rose hip.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Carditone and Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can also undo the attempt to treat your blood pressure naturally.

I personally feel that drinking over the daily amount can effect the way carditone works. 

If you have more then the daily amount of Alcohol which is one drink for women and two drinks for men it can raise your blood pressure. The daily moderate amount can actually lower blood pressure by 2 to 4 points, however if you go over that then it can raise blood pressure by several points.

Some Blood pressure medications do no work that well if the body has alcohol. In addition binge drinking is very bad for people with high blood pressure.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is normal Blood Pressure?

What is normal Blood Pressure?

Some say that the chart for what is considered normal 120/80 blood pressure has been changed.  Some claim that years ago normal blood pressure was 130/90 or 140/90.

I just asked my doctor this question to find out if in fact if the medical profession had doctored these numbers for the drug companies.

His response is that the standard 120/80 still stands and some doctors would like to see that number even lower.   So I am not sure what they excepted years ago, but in this day in age according to my doctor you should strive to be 120/80 or lower.

I have to be honest my blood pressure is slightly higher then this.  But I have made some lifestyle changes that over time should help to lower it.  Tomorrow I will speak about those lifestyle changes.

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